Instagram for Latin Billboard

Instagram for Latin Billboard

We collaborated with Instagram and Latin Billboard, celebrating and interviewing over 40 incredibly talented and culture-shaping Latin Artists for Latin Heritage Month. All meaningful cultural shifts are born out of authentic collaboration — a way of being, working and creating together that happens by design. We and Common Ground Studios are designing spaces for more authentic connection — cultures infused with genuine warmth, play, vulnerability and supported permission to experiment! This way of creating makes collaboration possible, like with our incredible fam and partners Thumb Fighter help bring 360 digital strategy and empowered leadership to life. See more here.

DP @tomas.alvear
Camera @ckframes
1st AC @jaypegg_
Production Manager @gz.socorro
Sound – Diego Rodriguez
Grip – Ron Gesualdo
Set Design – @thesetmachine
Editor – Daniel Bethencourt
Artist Relations – @thethumbfighter
Photographer- @thisisseba_
Stop Motion- @gabriellepeige
PA- @lifeofkeeeks @alevalldrs




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