With over ten years in the industry we value the intimate experience behind discovering new music and sharing it with the world.

The bread & butter

Creative Agency

A Design House for artists by artists. Tigre has a network of Miami and South- and Latin-American illustrators and creatives to create visuals with impact. We get inspired to create art, promotional materials, custom branding, and social graphics with deep resonance to both the artist and culture.

  • Album artwork
  • Custom graphics
  • Brand identity
  • Brand strategy
  • Poster designs
  • Mood boards
  • Mock-ups
  • Social graphics

Getting the word out.

Media Outlet

We influence by creating a culture and driving traffic to it. We are targeting a community that doesn’t currently have a place to live or congregate. Through video, digital media, and content creation, Tigre has become a cultural benchmark by which Latin sounds and lifestyle brands are measured and celebrated.

  • Trusted filter
  • Editorial platform
  • Musical discovery
  • Live recordings


  • Curated content
  • Label collabs
  • Playlists
  • Influential microphone

the In-Person magic.

Consultants & Producers

Our mission is to bring Latin music to an untapped Anglo audience by disrupting the traditional Latin marketing and production styles. We start by building an in-depth strategy to cover all the bases and keep the artist's creative integrity in tact. Then, we create a physical manifestation of that magic through intimate showcases or next-level performances in unconventional spaces around the world.

  • Audience development
  • Strategy building
  • Event production


  • Live streams
  • Digital experiences
  • Campaign consultants

How can we work together?


Show us an emerging act and we'll work with you to bring their visual identity, releases, or concert to life.


Tell us your vision--storytelling or visual--and we'll create the content you need.


Let us see what's at the soul of your brand and we'll develop the perfect way to integrate it.


Take us through your style of workand we'll find the right campaign or spotlight for you.

Let's keep it flowing.

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